Detox health after Valentine’s Day!


Detox health after Valentine’s Day!

Guide: Just after Valentine’s Day, don’t know if you have a party with friends?

Don’t forget, we still have to go to work after Valentine’s Day, we must of course make up for it!

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The method of lotus seed yin qi qi Valentine’s Day.

Just after Valentine’s Day, don’t you know if you are going to party with your friends?
Don’t forget, we still have to go to work after Valentine’s Day, we must of course make up for it!
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  Method: Lotus seed yin and qi qi Valentine’s long night is also a good time, but staying up late is the most vulnerable to injury, and at the same time can pass after the inevitable yin and yin, for women, the most important thing is to nourish yin and qi, lungs and soothe the nerves.

Lotus seeds nourish the heart and kidney tonic spleen, suitable for the upper cerebral cortex caused by excessive excitement, especially the yin deficiency and impotence and the symptoms of yin deficiency and internal heat such as dry cough, insomnia, upset, heart palpitations and so on.

If you want to kidney, then the stone lotus seed is the best, this is the lotus seed is old in the lotus room, broke into the mud, long after the black as stone name.

  After the enthusiasm of the sand dunes, it will inevitably have symptoms of hoarseness, dumbness, sore throat, and it is time to use sapphire to relieve phlegm and nourish yin, especially for snoring, sore throat, sore throat and other symptoms.It.

Shalan is produced in Guangzhou Fangcun Tea House, also known as Chayulan. It is warm and sweet, and it can thirst, clear the lungs and pharynx, and digest appetizers, especially for stewing soup with tidal olives.

  White-skinned white sweet potato helps digest Valentine’s Day. It is usually eaten Western food. This kind of food is high in feces, high in protein and high in metabolism. It is difficult for the Orientals to digest and difficult to absorb.

After the event, it is best to buy white skin white sweet potato to regulate the stomach.

Sweet potato is flat and sweet, has the effect of eliminating fat and moistening the lungs, and tonifying the stomach and spleen, moistening the intestines and distilling the pus to decompose.

There are many kinds of red meat, red meat, red sweet potato, sweet starch, and a variety of vitamins; yellow skin yellow meat called perfume sweet potato, the strongest fragrance; white skin white meat is white heart sweet potato, suitable for patients to eat,It is also considered by folks to have the most therapeutic effect.

What are the ways to prevent insomnia in the elderly?

What are the ways to prevent insomnia in the elderly?

One way to prevent insomnia in the elderly, try not to use sleeping pills: Insomnia occurs again before, do not rush to use the drug, may wish to find the cause of insomnia.

If you are doing nothing because of being idle, wake up early and sleep a little later. If you have too much nap during the day to affect your nighttime sleep, you can do some housework or participate in activities during the day, such as traveling, playing chess, reading books, watching TV.Wait, and reduce the number of naps during the day.

The second way to prevent insomnia in the elderly is to be ignorant and easy to follow: the real life is complicated, such as the disappearance of friends and friends, the death of relatives and friends, family disputes, economic data, etc., can be distracting, or worry or sad, orAnxious or angry, how can there be a steady sleep?

Therefore, in the face of these stimuli, we should improve our self-awareness, take it easy, minimize the adverse effects, and create a good sleeping environment through self-regulation.

Method 3 to prevent insomnia in the elderly, food nursed back to health: sea cucumber, mussel, fish, turtle, walnut and other foods, jujube pig heart soup, porridge, ginseng porridge and ginseng longan sputum and other therapeutic agents, all sleep for the elderlyThere is a breakthrough help.

Therapeutic and non-pharmacological methods have a good effect on the insomnia treatment of the elderly, and can be applied according to their own situation or under the guidance of a doctor.

The fourth method to prevent insomnia in the elderly, found that snoring: the elderly due to physical decline, it is impossible to have a deep sleep in the youth time, “snoring” has become a common way of supplementing sleep in the elderly.

This kind of “storage-and-zero” reserve energy sleep mode can completely restore energy.

Avoid the mistakes and easily lose excess meat

Avoid the mistakes and easily lose excess meat

It is not difficult to lose weight successfully, as long as you are not trapped in the misunderstanding of weight loss.

Have you ever tried dieting, vomiting or diet pills but ended up failing?

Don’t be discouraged!

As long as you use the right method to avoid misunderstanding, you can easily lose excess meat.


hzh {display: none; }  减肥的误区,催吐、吃减肥药   使用催吐法的减肥者容易患上厌食症。Eating diet pills destroys the body’s function and causes the burden of kidneys, kidneys and other detoxification organs.

Eating less staple food can lead to an increase in bad cholesterol and greatly increase the risk of high blood pressure.

In addition, taking diet pills will increase the burden on the heart and cause heart disease.

  Even if you want to lose weight, you should eat three meals, just control the staple food and meat properly, and proceed step by step.

There should be no thoughts of squatting, which in turn hurts your body more.

  The misunderstanding of weight loss is only vegetarian or meat. The amount of calcium in vegetables and fruits is small. More importantly, there are almost no exceptions, which will lead to a decrease in the secretion of estrogen in the body, affecting the combination of calcium and bone, and prone to osteoporosis.

People who are vegetarians are more prone to iron deficiency anemia!

If the food structure is wrong, or reduced by supplementation, it may lead to malnutrition, anemia, hypoproteinemia and so on.

The probability of suffering from gallstones is greatly increased in people who only eat a small amount of vegetables.

  Those who lose weight only when they are not eating meat tend to be depressed. Once they collapse, they will lead to overeating and the result will become fatter.

Excessive adults may increase the probability of women getting diabetes.

  Mistakes in weight loss, no exercise If you only control your diet every day, limit your food intake, and do not exercise any more, it will only reduce your muscles and make your body inhibit energy consumption.

  Healthy weight loss should be accompanied by an appropriate amount of exercise, which can increase the basic metabolism, so as to effectively reduce the body’s slightness.

Girls may wish to report a yoga or dance course, which can both slim down and improve their temperament.

  Mistakes in weight loss, blind weight loss Nowadays, many girls love to be beautiful, think that the thinner the better, and blindly lose weight.

In fact, most girls do not have the need to lose weight, basically belonging to the standard weight, and some even too thin.

  Before losing weight, we should recognize the facts. If your excess has damaged your beauty and even harmed your health, it is necessary to lose weight.

Otherwise, losing weight is just hurting your health.

  The misunderstanding of weight loss, single food to lose weight only eat a single food such as apples or vegetables every day, mistakenly think that this can reduce the intake, and consume a small amount.

Do not eat meat and staple food, only eat fruits and vegetables or bananas, although effective in weight loss, but the energy intake in the long-term is greatly reduced, leading to malnutrition, anemia, osteoporosis incidence is greatly increased.

  In fact, a large part of the secret of controlling diet is “quantity”. Originally, I had to eat 4 or 2 meals, and now I changed it to 2 or 2; I originally wanted to eat a whole PIZZA, and now I changed it into a small piece so that I can enjoy delicious food.Will not absorb too much.

  The misunderstanding of weight loss, halfway to reduce food supplements and reduce weight, after about three or four weeks, the weight will be stagnant, this is a normal phenomenon, can not be discouraged.

  If you do not change your lifestyle, weight loss can not be long-term success, and it is easy to rebound. You should take your eyes far and develop a habit of eating properly.

How to eat and drink in the Qingming Festival?

Experts recommend two soups, try

How to eat and drink in the Qingming Festival?
Experts recommend two soups, try

Qingming can be said to be one of the most important solar terms in spring, generally around April 5.

At present, since ancient times, there has been a custom of clearing the tombs to worship the ancestors. At the same time, due to the gradual increase in the Qingming solar terms, coupled with the small holiday, many people will take advantage of this season to play.

So, what do we need to pay attention to in our health during the Ching Ming Festival?

How to eat properly?

Please ask the experts to tell us about it.

Experts: Qingming chronic diseases are easy to relapse and need to prevent allergies. The theory is that it is spring after the spring, but from the meteorological definition (the average daily temperature is higher than 10 °C for 5 consecutive days), in fact, most of the national temperature is still in the spring.winter.
In the Ching Ming period, the temperature has been continuously rising, and most of the regions have entered the true spring.

Prof. Nie Bin, the chief physician of the Second Hospital of Guangdong Province, pointed out in a graded interview that the Qingming season is full of spring, while the speed is rising and the margin is increasing. People should be on the lookout for the recurrence of chronic diseases and various allergic diseases.

“The risk of recurrence of high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and chronic hypertension in the Qingming period is relatively large. Patients with related diseases should pay more attention to their daily routines and exercise properly to enhance their body resistance.

In addition, due to the warm spring blossoms, it is easy to be exposed to pollen when going out for a trip or outing, which leads to related allergic diseases, and this aspect needs to be guarded.

Therefore, Professor Nie Bin reminded Qingming to go out for a trip, to go out and to worship the ancestors, and must do 3 points of health care measures to prevent getting sick.” First of all, you need to beware of pollen allergy. People with sensitive physique should not be close.时可以戴口罩;其次,清明时节早晚温差还是比较大的,出行时要根据天气预报和具体天气适时添减衣物;最后俗话说‘清明时节雨纷纷’,这段时间降雨会比较多,因此出门It is best to bring an umbrella and not to rain to prevent a cold.

“What does Qingming diet eat?

Experts recommend that the two soups are clear in the spring, the fifth solar term, so the diet in the Ching Ming season should also be in line with the principle of spring health.

Chinese medicine believes that spring is the time to raise the liver. The principle of diet is “saving acid and increasing sweetness”, that is, eating less acidic foods, so as to avoid the liver yang on the hyperactivity caused by excessive liver qi, thus damaging the spleen and stomach.

Acidic foods include a variety of hot meats such as lamb, dog meat, beef, seafood, etc. This season should be eaten as little as possible.

There is no doubt that those foods that are warm and spleen may be eaten more, such as yam, spring bamboo shoots, spinach, jujube, leeks and so on.

When it comes to the health recipes in the Ching Ming Festival, Professor Nie Bin recommended two kinds of sayings: “Carrots, pork belly and Chuanxiong white carp head soup are more suitable for Qingming season. The former can play the role of spleen and beauty.Hydrolysis of liver and eyesight, the effect of dampness.

Let the old man sleep well

Let the old man sleep well

The things wrapped in the peels of bananas are actually “sleeping alternatives”.

In addition to smoothing serotonin and melatonin, bananas also contain magnesium, which has the effect of relaxing muscles.

  Chrysanthemum tea Chrysanthemum tea is classified as a drink at bedtime because of its moderate calming effect, which is a perfect natural confrontation for nerves or the body that cannot be relaxed.

  Warm milk and warm milk can promote sleep is not an absurd statement.

Milk contains some tryptophan (an amino acid with sedative effect) and calcium, which helps the brain make full use of tryptophan.

And it brings people the feeling of returning to their childhood. For babies, a warm bottle means “relaxing, everything is fine”.

  Honey Add a small amount of honey to your warm milk or vanilla tea.

Many sugars are irritating, but some glucose can cause your brain to stop producing feeds, a recently discovered neurotransmitter associated with staying awake.

  A small slice of baked potato does not fill your gastrointestinal tract, but it removes the acid that interferes with tryptophan, which can cause insomnia.

In order to achieve this effect, you can simply mash the baked potato and mix it into warm milk to eat.

  Oatmeal oatmeal helps to promote sleep, can induce melatonin, and a small bowl of cereal added to glucose juice can improve sleep, but if you chew oatmeal in large quantities, the effect will be better.
  Almonds can cause sleep with a small amount of this nut because it contains both tryptophan and an appropriate amount of muscle suspension, magnesium.

Slow life, Yimei slowly warms up

Slow life, Yimei slowly warms up

At the beginning of this year, a slow-paced life organization in Italy set out to establish “SLOW DAY”.

The “Recover Your Lost Time” campaign, founded by American journalist Carl Honoré, has been conducting an antique time conference every year since 4 years ago, and recommended to the US Congress that October 24th of each year be named “Official No Watch Day”.”.
They called on people to throw away alarm clocks and watches, find the rest time that was occupied by work, and seek a leisurely way of life, allowing people to fully enjoy freedom and enjoy the convenience of high-tech civilization instead of doing time and technology.The slave is attached.
  ”Time is life, time is money.” The famous American Franklin’s famous words have inspired generations, and the pace of busy life has been recognized by most people.

But now, many people are getting worse. Excessive busyness is an unhealthy and unscientific way of life. Therefore, a lifestyle that advocates “slow life” is quietly emerging.

  Slow life advocates setting the speed reducer and converter in a fast-paced life.

For example, when increasing the range of business trips, bring your wife to the suburbs for vacation; when you often work overtime, give yourself some online food order, and do an indoor “can” in the office; when the child is not suitable for studying, it is very stressful.Take the children to the suburbs to watch the sunrise and let the children know what the “horizon” is.

When enjoying this new way of life, you can relax your mind and return to your lifestyle so that you can enjoy a healthy and high-quality life.

  There is no fixed pattern for slow life. Those who dare to take risks can climb Mount Everest. Those who are eager to be dull can let their wife take a day off, go to the supermarket to buy food and cook, and let the wife know that her cooking is no worse than her.People who are more likely to operate are less likely to sleep for a night, sleep more for a while; people who work on time every day may wish to lie for their late arrival: “I am unfortunate enough to catch a traffic jam today.”

  Many people have this feeling. When they are busy, they feel that they are working and thinking about life. Only in this way, they feel that life is the most meaningful. The more busy the result, the more they can’t stop, even the fear of the holiday, even every time.During the Golden Week, I don’t know how to work overtime without working overtime.

After slowing down, it was noticed that the reconstructed life was actually “occupied” by a separate agenda, encroaching on a morning where the sunrise could be seen, and losing a night where the stars could be seen.

  A busy father, after enjoying a slow life, found that he had not attended the parent’s parent meeting for several years. Therefore, he decided to take the child to visit the teacher and learn about the child’s learning.

  A busy working woman, after slowing down, became a friend in her own circle, and there is almost no family. It is very difficult to go out and shop with a female partner.

So she decided to call her friends and family and hurry to help herself.

  A busy old man, working hard to help his daughter take the children, waiting for the grandson to go to the kindergarten, open the address book, want to contact the old colleague, only to find that some people’s phone has been compressed, and then the depositor turned to inquire, actually found thatBecause it was too busy to look at the child, the new number that left the family to leave her was lost.

  People who enjoy and can live a slow life don’t have to have much money, but they can often comfort themselves with “enough to spend”; they don’t necessarily want to create another glory in their careers, but learn to make themselves bored for a day and put their mobile phonesThey also change roles and play games for a day; they don’t necessarily want to slack off, but they would rather take a long vacation, even if they are led by leaders, they don’t want 365 days, work overtime every day, and advanced workers every year.

  Only by learning to enjoy a slow life can you give up the “perfectionist” way of thinking, no longer demanding to satisfy everyone’s requirements, but neglecting the happiness of yourself and your family.

  Looking at the world Italy has 32 “slow cities” against the fast-paced life that began in Rome in 1986 to protest against the establishment of fast food restaurants along the gradual steps of the famous Plaza de Espa?a.

Opponents named their organizations as “slow meals,” advocating slowing down, enjoying life, and slowly savoring the taste of food.

Now, the association has 7 in 42 countries around the world.

50,000 members.

  Later, they set a new concept from the “slow meal”, namely “slow city”, and proposed to establish a new urban model.

Here, there is more space for people to walk and there are more green spaces for people to enjoy.

The population is only 1.

The 50,000 Italian town of Bra, became the pioneer of this movement.

At present, 32 small towns in Italy have successfully implemented this model.

  In the United States, there is a “slow school” representative through the rise of “slow city”, and the “slow school” came into being.

These schools promote non-competitive teaching methods, giving students more free time and opposing cramming.

  The “Slow School” campaign advocates the creation of a new teaching system with flexible teaching schedules and courses tailored to the needs of students.

The Berkeley Martin Luther King School in California, USA, with approximately 1,000 students, became the representative of the sport.

Is there any contraindication to lymphatic cancer diet?

Is there any contraindication to lymphatic cancer diet?

After suffering from lymphoma, many patients are worried about what to eat, but there are too many foods for treating lymphoma, so do you understand any contraindications to lymphatic cancer diet?

Let’s talk about the dietary contraindications of lymphoma to help you treat lymphoma in your diet.

Lymphatic cancer diet contraindications Lymphoma patients should pay attention to this dietary contraindication in daily life, this is a topic that many lymphoma patients are concerned about, the following is the dietary taboo of lymphoma.

First, lymphoma should eat some food 1, should eat more foods with anti-malignant lymphoma, sputum, frog, sputum.

2, swollen lymph nodes should eat 荸荠, 芋艿, walnut, lychee, stingray, snail, sheep belly, cat meat, oysters.

3, fever should eat tofu residue, fig, barley, mung bean, bitter gourd, melon, diamond, water snake.

4, night sweats should eat pig heart, lamb belly, oatmeal, sorghum, tofu skin.

Second, lymphoma can not eat any food 1, avoid excitement drinks such as coffee.

2, avoid spicy food such as onions, garlic, ginger, cinnamon and so on.

3, avoid fatty, starch, mildew, pickled food.

4, avoid cock, pig head meat and other hair.

5, avoid seafood.

6, avoid lamb, dog meat, leek, pepper and other warm foods.

The above is the dietary contraindications that lymphoma patients should pay attention to. I hope that everyone can bear in mind that these can and can not be eaten, and choose these foods reasonably for their own tastes.

What are the customs and habits of Liqiu?

What are the customs and habits of Liqiu?

Liqiu is the 13th solar term in the 24th solar terms. It is established on August 7, 8 or 9 every year.
“Autumn” means that summer is coming to cool, which means the beginning of autumn.
In the past, the folks had a lot of attention to the solar terms, and most of them were related to eating and preventing diseases. This is not unrelated to people’s concern about their own health.
What are the customs and habits of Liqiu?
What are the different customs in each region?
Here Xiaobian has compiled the traditional customs of Liqiu for everyone.
I hope to help everyone.
  Liqiu traditional customs Liqiu Festival The Autumn Festival, also known as the July Festival.
The time begins on August 7 or 8 of the Gregorian calendar.
In the Zhou Dynasty, he was the father of the three princes and the princes of the princes, and went to the western suburbs to celebrate the autumn, and held a ceremony of offering sacrifices and sacred sorrows (see “Ritual and Monthly Orders”).
The Han Dynasty still accepted this custom.
“Han Han Shu·Zhen Ji”: “The day of the autumn, the autumn in the western suburbs, the sacrifice of the white emperor, the car flag costumes are white, the song “Xi Xi”, the dance of the Eight Diagrams dance “Life”.
And the emperor enters the sacred shooting, to recommend the ceremonies of the ancestral temple, the name of the Japanese body Liu.
Killing the beasts and offering sacrifices means expressing the meaning of martial arts in the autumn.
In the Tang Dynasty, every time the autumn day, the five emperors were sacrificed.
“New Tang Book · Li Le Zhi”: “Li Qiu Li Dong Wu Emperor in the suburbs.
“In the Song Dynasty, on the day of the autumn, both men and women wore leaves, in order to respond.
There is a custom of cutting the petals of the heather with red leaves, and there are also the custom of swallowing seven small red beans in autumn water (see “Lin’an”), Ming Cheng Song custom.
In the Qing Dynasty, on the day of the Autumn Festival, the scales were called people, compared with the number of summer scales, to test the fatness of the summer.
Since the Republic of China, in the vast rural areas, during the day or night of the day of the autumn, there are prevailing weather and hot customs.
There are also customs of watermelon, green beans, and ancestors.
There are also customs on the day before the fall, Chen Bing melon, steamed eggplant, fried incense and other drinks.
  Touching the autumn The summer calendar August 15 is for the Mid-Autumn Festival.
On the night of the night, women who have not yet given birth after marriage, accompanied by aunt or other female companions, went to the fields and melons, and secretly groped for picking up the melon beans.
It is said to touch the pumpkin, easy to give birth to a boy; touch the lentils, easy to give birth to girls; touch the white lentils more auspicious, in addition to the girl, it is still a good sign of the old man.
According to the traditional custom, it is the night melon beans to pick people, the pastoral owners can not blame.
After the aunt returns home, the parents are not allowed to be blamed.
This custom has existed before the Qing Dynasty and has been circulated among the people since the Republic of China.
For example, in the Zhuluguan area of Shangluo, during the Mid-Autumn Festival night, when the moon has not yet come out, the children routinely drill into the nearby Akita and touch the same thing to go home.
If you touch the onion, the parents think that the child is very smart when he grows up; if he touches the fruit, the parents think that the child will not eat and drink in the future, everything goes well.
People regard “touching autumn” as a game and do not act as a theft.
After this day, parents should restrain the children and not allow them to take the leaves of the people in the melon fields.
Residents of Shangnan County, after eating moon cakes on the Mid-Autumn Festival night, refused to grow tall children to touch the sorghum; people without boys to touch the eggplant; people without girls to touch the hot pepper; children who are not smart to touchshallot.
  Autumn Busy Meeting Autumn busy meeting is usually held in July and August of the lunar calendar. It is a business and trade conference prepared to meet the autumn busy.
It is organized in conjunction with the activities of the temple, and there is also a single trade conference for the autumn.
Its purpose is to exchange production tools, sell livestock, exchange food and household items.
Its scale is the same as that of the summer, with the establishment of the city of Hummer, the food market, the agricultural implements, the cloth, and the Beijing-Guangzhou grocery market.
Today, such gatherings are called “economic and trade exchange conferences.”During the conference, there will be drama performances, horse racing, monkey racing and other cultural programs.
  Autumn harvest mutual help Autumn is busy, the countryside generally has the custom of “autumn harvest mutual assistance”, you help me and I help you, go to the field in groups of three to five, to grab the mature corn.
First, the corn has to be moved four times: head lice, cockroaches, cockroaches, and oysters.
Women, the elderly, and the children of their teens, they carry bamboo baskets, one row after another, one by one, and carry them one by one.
Don’t avoid “monkeys move corn, move one.”
Instead, move one in the cage, then put it in the pile of corn in the ground, and finally pull it home with a big cart.
The head lice first moved the mature corn ear, the immature corn ear, and left it to move.
The second and third are to use the same method to move.
In the end, I took the empty space and moved the remaining corn ears, no matter how old or tender, and moved home.
See who is ripe for the early morning, first to whom to move, not to violate the agricultural time, but also to return to the warehouse.
  Akita Entertainment Autumn, especially before and after the autumn, the farming is busy, autumn harvest, busy!
But there are also fun in the busy, common young people and children in their teens, after the growth of Baogu, millet, and scorpion, especially Baogu grows into a tall person. When they first bear their ears, they play and play in the
They moved the tender grain of the grain, and dug a hole in the underground kiln, leaving the chimney, which is a natural earthen stove. Then put the tender grain of the grain into it, picking up the firewood everywhere, and the top flower is a good fuel.Fire to burn.
After a while, the whole kiln’s Baogu Sui was all cooked, and the rich Baogu banquet was held in the field.
They also catch the sparrow eggs on the tree, hit the rabbits on the spot, and have a lot of wild game that can be cooked in the pots of the wild.
There are so many good things.
They also put the red persimmons that they had brought in the earthen cave dwellings, and when they burn for a while, they will turn into sweet persimmons.
This kind of fun in Akita has been passed down from generation to generation.
  Sticking autumn 膘 Folk popular in Li Qiu this day to weigh the scales, the weight and the summer time contrast.
Because people go to the summer, there is no appetite. The meals are light and simple. If you are two or three months down, you should reduce your body weight.
Together with the autumn wind, the appetite is wide open, I want to eat a little, add a little nutrition, and compensate for the loss of summer. The way to make up is to “post the autumn 膘”: in the autumn of this day, all kinds of meat, stewed meat, braised pork, etc., “Paste the meat.”
  Qiu Qiu “Yu Qiu” is also called “biting autumn” in some places.
Tianjin pays attention to eating watermelon or cantaloupe on the day of Liqiu, which is called “biting autumn”. It means that the hot summer is hot and difficult, and it will be bitten when it is in the autumn.
Jiangsu and other places are also eating watermelons on the autumn day to “bite autumn”, it is said that you can not give birth to autumn scorpions.
In Zhejiang and other places, the watermelons and shochu are eaten together in the autumn, and folks believe that they can prevent malaria.
[2]The city people bought a watermelon home on the day of the autumn, and the whole family was surrounded by cockroaches.
The autumn of the farmer is much more unrestrained.
They are in the melon shed, in the shade of the trees, in groups of three and five, sitting on the ground, holding red watermelons, holding green melons, holding white mountains and holding golden yellow corn cobs.
What Qi Qiuyan sent is actually a joy of harvest.
  Qiushe Qiushe was originally the day of sacrificing the land gods in the autumn. It began in the Han Dynasty, and the later generations set the autumn society to the fifth day after the fall.
At this time, the harvest has been completed, and the government and the private people all praised the gods on this day.
Song Shiqiu Society has cakes, drinking, and women’s customs.
Tang Hanxi’s “Don’t See” poem: “This body is willing to be Jun Jiayan, and the autumn club will not return.”
“In some places, there are still rumors that “doing the society”, “respecting the gods”, and “cooking the porridge”.
  Why does Li Qi want to post the autumn 膘 立 立, the folks have a “post autumn 膘” said.
The folk popular in the autumn of this day with a hanging scale called people, the weight and the summer time to compare fat and thin, weight loss called “bitter summer.”
At that time, people’s judgments on health often only used fat and thin standards.
If you lose weight, you need to “complement”. The way to make up is to “stick the autumn 膘”, eat delicious food and delicacies, of course, prefer to eat meat, “paste the meat”.
  The origin of Qiuqiu In the past, folks have a lot of attention to the solar terms, and most of them are related to eating and preventing diseases, which is not unrelated to people’s concern about their own health.
“People eat food for the sky”, Li Qiu is a very important solar terms, people certainly can’t forget to eat.Therefore, folks in Beijing, Hebei, and the Northeast are popular in the past.
  The reason for the formation As the saying goes, “There is no disease after the summer, three points of deficiency”, according to the principle of the motherland medicine spring and summer Yangyang, autumn and winter nourishing Yin, autumn and winter need tonic.
Appropriate tonic in the fall is the best time to restore and regulate the functions of various organs in the human body.
  Precautions Do not eat too much warm food or drugs in the autumn, such as lamb, dog meat, ginseng, velvet, cinnamon, etc., otherwise it is easy to increase autumn dryness.
However, if the yang physique is blindly heated, it will be counterproductive.
Friends who are weak and have chronic diseases are best advised to supplement their tonics under the guidance of a doctor to achieve twice the result with half the effort.
Therefore, the autumn tonic will vary from person to person.

Reminder: Laborers live longer

Reminder: Laborers live longer

There are two retired old people. In addition to watching TV, Lao Wang is eating and sleeping, the door is not out, and the second door is not.

For a long time, Pharaoh “blessed”, what high blood pressure, high blood pressure, insomnia at night, etc., all rushed to “come to visit.”

Made him run the hospital for two days.

Lao Li is different. He usually grows flowers and raises birds. He loves the hell in front of the few fruit trees. When he has time, he exercises calligraphy and beats Tai Chi. He also regularly participates in the city’s old comrades gateball competition.School, learning painting, learning old-age social dance, life is colorful, cheerful, red-faced.

A few days ago, Lao Li went to the hospital for a medical examination, and he did not have any disease.

People who know him say that Lao Li is really younger and younger.

His wife also smiled and praised everyone: “He, the body is great, just like the young man!”

“There has been an “ageing age” before, and the proportion of the elderly is getting bigger and bigger.

Then, when people are old, they are “sitting and enjoying the blessings” at home, or are they looking for work?

According to the author’s opinion, I still have the right to “move a move” like Lao Li.

As the saying goes: the water is not rot, the hub is not shackled.

People who exercise regularly can maintain their vitality and be able to live full of vitality before they can live forever.

Ouyang Xiu, a writer of the Song Dynasty in China, had a deep understanding. He once made the comparison between the Daxie of the Xia Dynasty and the protagonist of the Confucius in the Spring and Autumn Period, Yan Yuan, and made a comparison between “moving and static”. He said: “Go away from the world, take fourThere are two retired elderly people in charge. In addition to watching TV, Lao Wang is eating and sleeping every day. The door is not out, and the second door is not.

For a long time, Pharaoh “blessed”, what high blood pressure, high blood pressure, insomnia at night, etc., all rushed to “come to visit.”

Made him run the hospital for two days.
Lao Li is different. He usually grows flowers and raises birds. He loves the hell in front of the few fruit trees. When he has time, he exercises calligraphy and beats Tai Chi. He also regularly participates in the city’s old comrades gateball competition.School, learning painting, learning old-age social dance, life is colorful, cheerful, red-faced.
A few days ago, Lao Li went to the hospital for a medical examination, and he did not have any disease.
People who know him say that Lao Li is really younger and younger.
His wife also smiled and praised everyone: “He, the body is great, just like the young man!”
“A person is full of flowers, separated from the hustle and bustle of the workplace, and returned to a relatively quiet home after retirement.

It stands to reason that it is time to enjoy the blessing.

However, “sharing the blessings” does not mean that the whole meal will come to the mouth, and the clothes will reach out and do nothing except eat and sleep to watch TV.

In fact, the elderly participate in some labor properly, reasonably arrange their own life in their later years, do a little bit of things like raising birds, planting calligraphy, and doing some of the “going things”, taking part in hitting the gateball, going to the “old school” and so on.Beneficial social activities, not only cultivated sentiment, but also activities and muscles, to maintain “vigorous vitality”, old and not fading.

This is far more than a person sitting in the home, isolated from the world, “exclusive enjoy the Qing Fu” is a hundred times stronger!

Ask elderly friends to remember the famous saying of the famous French doctor Tissot: “Sports can replace any medicine, and all drugs can not replace sports.

“Baichuan, can be described as labor and shape, and life hundred years.

Yan Zi Xiaoran, lying in the alley, eating and scooping, not tempting the outside, not moving in the heart, can be described as happy, and less than thirty.

“Ouyang Xiu passed these two contrasting figures, a man who struggled with his muscles and bones, and wandered around the “management of Baichuan”, lived a hundred years old, and hid in the “deep lane”, isolated from the world, rarely going out to the activities of Yan YuanHowever, he lived less than 30 years old and died young.

Therefore, he derived his own imitation: “The laborers are long-term, and the musicians are short-lived.

“This is simply his experience.

Youyou Yangshuo Bilianfeng lived in the family

Youyou Yangshuo Bilianfeng lived in the family

Yangshuo traveled and threw the soul in Yangshuo.

  The soul is dreaming, and the whole brain is impotence.

In order to appease myself, I decided to use Yangshuo on weekends.

  This time, my purpose of playing is very clear, that is, to appreciate the wonders of Bilian Peak in Yangshuo County.

I have read the poems of the Yangshuo County Order Shen Bin in the Tang and Tang Dynasties very early on: “Tao Qian Peng Ze five willows, Pan Yue Heyang a flower.

How can the two places be as good as Yangshuo, and Bilianfeng lives in others.

If you can be there, you can feel the joy of living in Bilianfeng. It is really a very pleasant thing.

  In order not to let any accidents interfere with my play, I decided to live in the Mingyuan Hotel I already know.

The key is that Mingyuan Hotel is in the county town, only one or two hundred meters away from Bilian Peak.

Pick up the phone, dial the scheduled call, and get everything done.

  Take the bus to the county seat.

When you get off the bus, you can look around and look at the mountains everywhere. The mountains are like petals. The small and exquisite county is heavily wrapped. The artistic conception of “Bilian Peak lives in the house” quietly jumps into the mind.

Not yet play, already intoxicated.

  To the south of the Mingyuan Hotel, cross the Shuangyue Bridge and walk 50 meters to the south to the foot of Bilianfeng Mountain.

Bilianfeng is the main peak in the county, and the mountain is awkward. It is like a lotus flower with a slap in the face.

  At the foot of the mountain, a well-preserved ancient city wall is called the Shuidongmen.

It is now a foreign terminal.

  A meteorite on the dock, that means self-evident.

Under the stone steps, a sleek, mirror-like huge marble is engraved with two vigorous characters of “yangshuo”.

  Standing on the dock to see the clear blue water, breathe pure and clean air, a feeling of transcendental feelings filled the whole body.

Closed eyes and meditation, suddenly wake up, the mysterious power that originally attracted you is here.

What do you want is not the kind of shackles that leave the city, so that the soul is temporarily quiet?

  The essence of Bilianfeng is concentrated on the scenic road along the river.

Now I don’t know who is taking this enclosure as a prison and opening it up as a “Binjiang Park”.

It is a park, and you can collect money when you enter the park.

However, it is also good to receive money and guide guides. It is much more convenient to visit.

  Strolling on the scenic road, you are relaxed and happy.

Visitors are sparse, quiet and quiet, just to enjoy the view.

  Entering the park for a hundred steps to see the first floor, after the cliff, before the Linjiang River, tall and spacious.

The tour guide said that this is the famous “Jianshan Building” in Yangshuo.

Jianshan is an alias for Bilianfeng.

Looking up at some people in the mountain peaks, the cliffs are as smooth as mirrors. In ancient times, some people called the mirrors “Jian”, so Bilian Peak was also known as “Jianshan”.

“Jianshan Yuanzhen” is also one of the famous scenic spots in Yangshuo.

The predecessors have praised poems: Jianshan Tower at the foot of Jianshan Mountain, and the mountains on the upper floor are secluded; the four peaks are covered with paintings, and the mountains are covered with thousands of eyes.

  The original name of Jianshan Temple is Jianshan Temple, which was built in the early years of Tang Kaiyuan (AD 713).

In the old temple, the monks knocked the bells and buddhas in the morning and evening, and the bells were solo and far-reaching. Therefore, there was a scene of “Jiansi Temple Bell”, which was one of the eight scenic spots in Yangshuo in the past (the old Yangshuo Eight Views: Shiqiao Double Moon, Jiansi Bells, Longdong Xianquan,Baisha fishing fire, Bilian wave shadow, Dongling morning glow, champion riding, Mashan suffocating).

  It is said that Jianshan Temple has been successfully rebuilt alongside Julongtan, and it is a hot tourist attraction with Julongtan and Dabanshu.

When I have the opportunity to visit the big banyan tree, I will go see it!  A pavilion on the cliff next to the Jianshan Building, named “Yangjiang Pavilion.”

Its pavilion covers an area of about 40 square meters and is a two-story octagon.

In 1960, Premier Zhou Enlai, Marshal Chen Yi and Deng Yingchao, Zhang Wei and so on, have been here to stay and take a photo.

  The Yingjiang Pavilion went up again, and saw a stone next to the road. It was a poem written by a modern patriot, Wu Mai, who wrote Yangshuo’s famous quatrain: Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world, and Yangshuo is called Guilin.

  The peaks of the mountains are floating in the mountains, and there is no water in the mountains.

  Go up the scenic road and see a small door, the book “Nanshan Er”.

The back book “Scenic Road”.

Inside and outside this door is the concentration of stone carvings.

On the left side of the door there is a poem of Yu’an period: surrounded by smoke and rain, thousands of lotus fences.

  It is clear that the West is out of the letter, and the person is on the vagina.

  The right side of the door is engraved with “mountain high water long”, “Jiangshan lock key” serial port is strong and powerful.

There is also a poem inscribed by the Song Dynasty Li Gang: The head of the rice cooker looks at Cuiwei, and the human being should see this mountain.

  I can’t learn from Wang Wei’s hand, and draw thousands of miles.

  Among these stone carvings, the most striking thing is the huge “grass” of the grass in the middle of Bilian Peak.

The word is elegant and free, and the meaning is subtle and imaginative.

The word is 8 feet, which is written by Wang Yuanren, the county magistrate of Yangshuo, in the Qing Dynasty (AD 1834).

It is said that there have been tourists who analyzed the word “have a mountain river, the juvenile effort”.

Some people further analyzed their intentions: “After the mountains and rivers, the young people strive to be the world.”

Some people think that the poems of “the mountains and rivers are unparalleled in the world; the young people work hard, and the ages are flowing”.

It’s really a word that brings out people’s wisdom and tastes different.

Therefore, there are also songs in the local area: the ancients intended to make a hook, and the inscriptions were followed by a clear stream.

  There are many tourists coming and going, who is not looking up?

  Out of Nanshan, the door is down, and there are some ferries on the riverside.

There is a natural stone bench next to the ferry, which is engraved with the word “fishing table”.

It is said that after the late Tang poet Cao Yu abandoned his official residence in Yangshuo, he often fished on this stone.

Now there is a poem on the stone: the leaf-sweeping tea is picked up by the leaves, and the night window is empty.

  Just because Guangwu Enbo is late, is it Yan Guanglian fishing?

  This poem shows that Cao Yu’s abandonment of official seclusion is out of helplessness.

Due to the unstable political situation in the late Tang Dynasty, the officials were greedy and filthy, and the oppressed people began to rise up. The Tang Dynasty was in a storm.

The poet said with strict light that the poet wanted to do a career for the country for the people’s congress. Unfortunately, the emperor’s trust was not obtained, and his great ambition was difficult to display. He had to be a leisurely crane.

Yan Guang was a native of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Hui Yao (now a member of Zhejiang Province), the Zilin Mausoleum, and once with the Han Wudi Liu Xiu.

After Liu Xiu was in the throne, he lived in Fuchun Mountain and often fished in Fuchun River.

Yan Guang’s allusion I learned while reading Chairman Mao’s poems.

On March 28, 1949, on the eve of the national liberation, the poet Liu Yazi wrote a poem entitled “Issuing Chairman Mao” to Chairman Mao. There is a poem in the poem: “An Denan is a good newspaper, and the lake is a sub-land.”.
“Indicating that the poet wants to return to the hidden hometown of the lake after the liberation of the country, Xue Yanguang went fishing.”

Chairman Mao wrote the Seven Laws and Mr. Liu Yazi, and advised him: “The complaints are too strong to prevent the intestines from breaking, and the winds should be long-sighted.”

Modao Kunming pool is shallow, and the fish is better than Fuchunjiang.

“Kunming Pool refers to Kunming Lake, Beijing Summer Palace.

Kunming Lake is named after Kunming Pool of Hanwu Emperor in Chang’an.

  At this point, the highlights of Bilian Peak have been visited.However, my tour has not been completed, I came to Bilianfeng, and I will not swear by this peak.

Ask the tour guide, the tour guide said that if you want to climb, you can go up the mountain from the west side of Guiyu Road.

The mountain is relatively flat over there and there is no danger of climbing.

According to the instructions, after a difficult climb, finally climbed the summit of Bilian.

But at the top of the mountain, there is no beautiful scenery, lush vegetation, and blocked the vision.

There is no vent in the heart, and I have to extend it for a while, and call it to the sky: Hey, Hey, Hey!

I don’t know if my mood is conveyed to heaven?

Anyway, my Bilian complex has been closed.