[Drink beer within one month of pregnancy]_Pre-pregnancy_Hazard

[Drink beer within one month of pregnancy]_Pre-pregnancy_Hazard

Pregnancy is a critical time for every female friend. Therefore, special attention needs to be paid to diet and other aspects during this period. However, many people do not know what harm is caused by drinking beer within one month of pregnancy.During the period of very rapid development of the ministry, drinking beer will definitely affect their intellectual development, so female friends need to fully understand this to avoid affecting the baby’s development.

One month of pregnancy, the fertilized eggs form a growth and shift into the uterus to implant and develop into a gestational sac. At this time, the brain develops particularly fast.

Guidance: From the perspective of eugenics, it is believed that drinking alcohol during the first month of pregnancy has an impact on the fetus, especially the development of intelligence. It is only a bottle of beer, and the impact will not be great. It is recommended that you do regular pregnancy tests and pay attention to the weight.Developmental conditions are fine.

If there are other abnormal circumstances, make a decision.

2Early pregnancy, especially in the first 3 months and 3 months before pregnancy, any drugs, alcohol, and colds may cause egg cells and developmental development to be affected. Guidance: It is recommended to keep the baby and do regular pregnancy tests.Do Tang’s screening at week, prenatal dysplasia of 4D color Doppler ultrasound at 22-26 weeks of pregnancy. If necessary, do amniotic fluid puncture and analysis of cord blood. 16 If you drink three times, it will not affect your baby much.

You have a regular pregnancy test.

Guidance: Do not eat spicy food during pregnancy, eat more nutritious food.

Keep your mood comfortable and pay attention to hygiene.

4 This has no effect, but the flow of people is also more harmful to the uterus.

Guidance: It is recommended to consider carefully, after all, reproduction is still very important, try to keep the baby.

5 Judging from your condition description, this situation has no effect on the fetus, don’t worry, because the amount of alcohol is too much and the degree of alcohol is used instead.

Guidance: It is recommended to pay attention to rest during early pregnancy, strengthen nutrition, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, protein-rich and iron-rich foods, such as fish, pork ribs, chicken, eggs, pig liver, etc.