Teach you to wash your brush and wash it out for good health

Teach you to wash your brush and wash it out for good health

It’s really good news to have a diet and it’s effective!

Can that be closer to your goal?

“Fashion Health” quietly tells you: bathing can also slim down!

  Before entering the bathroom, apply the lotion to the part that you want to slim down, then wrap it with plastic wrap, and use this time to do a slimming exercise – the first section: shoulder movement.

  The two fingers are shrunk as far as possible, as if they are going to touch the earlobe.

The action is simple, but it needs to be done 30 times.

  Section 2: Roughly or lie flat, try to straighten the body and extend it upwards.

  Section III: Kicking backwards.

At the beginning, you can take a break for only 5 minutes. After adjusting your breathing, continue until you are sweating.

  At this time, is it a special need to take a hot bath?

The next thing to say about the body sculpting is the “Jesus mission” to be done in the bathroom.


First wash the whole body with normal soap, flush it to the body to heat up (to make the body heat can accelerate blood circulation, and avoid waiting for the massage to rise due to body temperature, pores shrink).


Use coarse salt to massage the legs from bottom to top in a circular motion until the salt is completely dissolved (the process should not be excessively applied, otherwise it will scratch the skin), flushing to the body heat.


Massage with reduced soap for more than 5 minutes.

  After some brushing, please pat your excess meat, like a kneading dough, until the skin of the excess meat turns red, because this means your veins are clear.

  At this time, dry your body.

Then apply the tight-fitting cream until it is completely absorbed. (The tight-fitting cream is divided into two types according to the speed of absorption. One type is called no massage. Usually, this tight-fitting cream is liquid or creamy, which is easy to absorb; the other requires massage 3-5Minutes, typical tight-fitting creams are often creamy and have a relatively long absorption time.

Forever, you should use the right amount, otherwise it will be wasteful, and you have to wear clothes very continuously.)

  After bathing, don’t forget to do tight-fitting exercises: 50 feet before and after the feet.

  Note: 1.

The purpose of letting the body heat is not to simmer on the table or to faint yourself in the bathroom.


Absolutely salt, reduce soap or tight cream should be taken in moderation, overuse, quickly slim down is not your excess meat, or even your wallet.


If you are on a diet, it is best not to take a hot bath, you will fall down because of physical strength.