Weiting slimming magic crystal

Weiting slimming magic crystal

The new Weiting Magic Crystal has a good weight loss effect. It is especially good for the waist and buttocks. Manufacturer: Hunan Taier Pharmaceutical Hygiene License: Xiang Wei Xu Zi (2004) No. 4-003 Executive Standard: Q / OKSH 030-2005 Specifications: 3.

9g × 1 6 bags of content: 62.

4 grams per bag 3.

9 grams contains the whet concentrate, 2 grams of apple concentrate 0.

9 grams of collagen, 0.

5 grams of chitin, 0.

5 grams of main ingredients konjac concentrate, apple concentrate, chitin, collagen main ingredients introduced Konjac concentrate – Konjac is the world’s famous natural diet food, special water-soluble fiber extracted from konjac, can significantly reduce the body’s impurities andAbsorption of cockroaches.

  Apple Concentrate – Water-soluble fiber and malic acid extracted from apples, combined with bile acid in the intestine, reduce micro-absorption in the intestine, promote micro-decomposition, and remove toxins from the body, whiten the skin and make the skin smooth and soft.

  Chitin – an amino double-strand extracted from the marine lobster shell, can absorb more than tens of times its weight in the human body, and is excreted by the stool. It is praised by scientists as “the sixth element of life.”

  Collagen – water retention anti-wrinkle skin, while increasing the body’s decomposition of aunt, has a helping weight loss.

  Product features 2 per day, quickly lose weight – according to the manufacturer’s propaganda, take 3-4 weeks of significant effect, especially for the waist, abdomen, buttocks aunt reduction effect is obvious.

The 3-month weight loss cycle can be reduced by 6-12 kg.

After successful weight loss, such as adhering to scientific diet, can consolidate the results of weight loss and prevent rebound.

  One per day, it can prevent weight gain and maintain body shape.

  Refractory obese people can also take it.

  Natural natural slimming beauty ingredients, nutritious, safe, fragrant, delicious and delicious.

  Edible method and dosage: Oral, 2 bags per day, taken after breakfast (should be ready to drink, exchanged about 1 minute after brewing); also 1 bag before breakfast, 1 bag before Chinese meal Specifications: Shelf life:3 years suitable for people: simple obesity of any age; need to control weight, keep the body market price: ¥ 93.