Drinking soup before meals has health care function

Drinking soup before meals has health care function

Drinking soup before meals helps to replace and stir food, which is beneficial to the digestion and absorption of food, reducing the stimulation of the digestive tract and reducing the incidence of degenerative tumors.

  ”Drink the soup before dinner.

It is better than science.” This is scientifically justified.

This is because, from the mouth, throat, esophagus to the stomach, it is like a passage. It is the path of food. Before eating, drink a few soups (or a little water), which is equivalent to adding “dialysis” to this digestive tract.The food can be swallowed smoothly, preventing dry and hard foods from stimulating the digestive tract mucosa, protecting the digestive tract and reducing the incidence of digestive tract tumors.

  It is also beneficial to have some soup in the middle of the meal.

Because it helps to reduce and agitate the food, which is beneficial to the digestion and absorption of food.

If you do not drink soup before meals, do not enter the soup when you eat, then after the meal will cause a lot of body fluid loss due to the secretion of gastric juice, resulting in thirst, then drink water, but will dilute the gastric juice, affecting the absorption and digestion of food.
Therefore, some nutritionists believe that the habit of continuously entering the soup when eating before meals can also reduce the incidence of esophagitis, gastritis, esophageal cancer, and stomach cancer.

At the same time, it is found that those who drink a variety of soups, milk and soy milk, the digestive tract is also the most easy to maintain a healthy state.

If you eat dry rice or hard soup, it will be different.

Because we chew food, not only chewing crumb food, not only chewing food, we should swallow, more importantly, we will moisten the food by saliva, and saliva will be produced by constant chewing, there are many digestive enzymes in saliva, andIt has physiological functions such as digestion, digestion and detoxification, which are very beneficial to health.

The soup is served because of the fullness.

It is soft and easy to swallow. People often lazy to chew. They should swallow the food quickly by the digestive process of saliva, which increases the burden on the digestion of the stomach. After a long time, it is easy to cause stomach problems and even the onset of stomach cancer.

Therefore, it is not advisable to eat soup and rice.

  Of course, drinking soup before meals is good for health. It is not that drinking a lot is good. It depends on people and it is necessary to master the time of soup.

Generally, half a bowl of soup is suitable before dinner, and it can be more appropriate before breakfast. Because of a night’s sleep, the body’s water loss is reduced.

The time to enter the soup is about 20 minutes before the meal, and a small amount of soup can be slowly added during the meal.

In short, the soup is to the comfort of the stomach, avoid eating “drinking” after meals.